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I just signed the petition "Restaurant owners: Make styrofoam containers illegal in food establishments" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name. Our goal is to reach 100 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here

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our uniqueness!

Layers of grilled eggplant, cauliflower, potato, spinach and sliced tomato, topped with rice with caramelized onions and good seasonings.

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Stuffed Peppers

perfect coloured pepper

filled with rice, onion, apples, dates and seasonings

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(when in Rome!)

made with sweet potatoes, hummus, sauce and lots of feta cheese.

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The Restaurant

In early June 2018, I took the big leap and opened my little piece of heaven. My goal is to create a community of conscious, healthy eaters who not only want to dance at grandkids’ weddings, but want to enjoy getting there. My food is authentic, homemade, gluten free (other than the fresh baked whole wheat pita) and dairy free.

If you invite me to make a meal plan for you, you will save the tax on your initial order and the meal plan is free.

Meet The Chef

The Chef

Terri Millstone

Master Chef

I got hungry for the diet and couldn’t find it the way I like it. So, Mediterranean Diet met ‘Can-do’ and Uzy, my husband and I started preparing and selling our goods at local markets.


Other Services

Quality Cuisine

Canada Food Guide and a whole pile of very smart scientists, nutritionists and health care professionals all recommend the diet-I just make it easy for you to enjoy it and its benefits.

Fresh Food

Always count on fresh hummus as well and our favorite beet salad. Always also count on a quinoa salad of some kind-the veggies depend on market. Always count on Majadra which is rice and lentils and Mediterranean seasonings.

Sides & Salads

Here’s where it gets a little tricky because I choose as much as possible to do farm to table and shop local.

Cooking Classes

A 3 session of 2 hours each, in the evening, where we learn the diet, make the diet, taste the diet and discover how easy and inexpensive it is to eat healthy and truly enjoy and savor your food.



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